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About The Ringwood Clinic

Alex Taylorson

Sports Therapist, BSc (Hons) MSST

At about the age of 12, I realised I wouldnít quite make it as a professional Rugby player. This meant I had to revert to plan B. Fortunately Iíve always had a love of understanding how the body works, so I knew pretty early on what I wanted to do. This led me to a three year degree in Sports Therapy, which I graduated from with honours. The degree course involved all aspects of injury treatment and rehabilitation from working with individuals post surgery right through to Ďfull fitnessí. Since graduating Iíve worked at a number of sports injury clinics alongside other injury specialists before opening up The Ringwood Clinic in 2011. Iíve always been a keen sports man enjoying running, mountain biking, kickboxing and Rugby.

Iíve been lucky enough to work with a number of talented sports people including athletes representing Great Britain, England and their region in various sports. Iíve also attended a number of events including the London Marathon, the London Triathlon, martial arts events and local sporting events to provide injury treatment and first aid cover.

To keep me busy I also own a second company which runs a software application for Physiotherapists and Sport Therapists. The application is called Rehab Software Pro. Therapists use it to create Ďhand outsí for their patients with exercise illustrations and descriptions.

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