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Our Services

Injury Treatment

This will involve a detailed assessment of your injury. Initially we will discuss the details of your injury - this will help us work out the 'mechanism' of the injury.

We may then have to ask you to perform some movements to see if there is any underlying alignment problem or weakness within your muscle groups.

After this we will explain the problem in basic terms and put together a treatment plan.

With that done we get in to the 'hands on' treatment. This may include sports massage, stretching or joint mobilisation.

Sports Massage

Deep Tissue / Remedial Massage
This is a deep massage focusing on your problem areas. This type of massage is used to 'break down' and realign scar tissue, reduce focused areas of muscular tension and ease any trigger points you may have.

Maintenance Massage
Maintenance massage is for anyone who you trains or competes regularly. These sessions are best performed at regular intervals, allowing us to prevent injury build up. This helps you maintain the highest level of performance while staying injury free. We have many clients who have regular maintenance sessions to keep on top of their injuries.

Shoulder and Neck Massage
This is for anyone who sits at a computer screen, at their desk or in their car for long periods (i.e. the majority of us). A poor bent-over posture leads to increased muscular tension and the build up of trigger points. Shoulder and neck massage along with the correct postural advice helps relieve this tension and discomfort.

Pre-Event Massage
Pre-Event massage is performed in the lead up to an event or competition. This will help prepare your body to perform at its optimum. We see a lot of marathon runners, for pre-event massage, but this can be for any distance or sporting event you are preparing for.

Post-Event Massage
This is great for helping to promote recovery after a sporting event. This helps clear out any 'waste products' that have built up in your muscles over the event. Post-event massage will also help reduce muscle soreness in the days following your event (the earlier you see us after the event the better!)

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